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Best Metal Detectors

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On the display of the XP DEUS you can read the soil mineralization value and the actual value of the soil mineralization, the digital and analog conductivity value of the detected target, the selected search program, battery live from the control unit / remote control and from the search disk, and the set frequency. The Garrett AT Gold has a lot of setting options, which are easy to approach and …


Yet I keep recommending another metal detector model made by the same company, but if its price exceeds your budget, you can get Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV without any doubts. Yes, it is very simple, though it has quite a lot of fans for whom this metal detector became the first one in their practice. this includes things like the depth of the object itself, too deep and it …


The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger is a great metal detector for beginners. The National Geographic Pro Series features 4 sensitivity levels and 3 detection modes to make your treasure hunting easy and productive. This sleek and ergonomic metal detector is not only great for novice treasure hunters but for advanced hunters as well. The 6.5″ x 9″ waterproof coil is perfect for hunting treasure in wet or underwater conditions, and …

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