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The take-off

of a prolific career

Sundays of cinema in the school was the religion he faithfully practiced without missing any of the appointments. What would run through that mind? Undoubtedly, it was fascination for seeing the images run, for countless stories, unexpected endings.

His curiosity and his incessant interest towards cinema got him into the realization of films. That’s how Enrique discovered the true essence of cinema, working from the inside as a camera assistant.

With the intention of dedicating himself to the film industry, in 1966 he began as a camera assistant in the filming of “Un millón en la basura“, one of the well-known comedies of the director and screenwriter José María Forqué.

In 1974, he tossed the dice and bet in directing his own short film:  “La sonrisa del Sol: Almería”. Enrique’s career began to take the course that in the 80’s, would lead to the creation of his own production company: Enrique Cerezo P.C.

The 90s were the turning point to determine his career as a producer. In 1996, appeared his first documentary SOMBRAS Y LUCES, 100 años del Cine Español, in honor of the history of our cinema.

Since then, Enrique Cerezo’s tenacity and his unconditional passion for cinema have resulted in more than 60 films, in which the imprint of the culture and talent of the artists of our country are more than reflected.

He reached out to the new filmmakers and technicians, relying on their potential and working with them, side by side. He quickly became one of the most important film producers in the Spanish industry.

Today he is one of the referents within the sector, rising as one of the most important figures and reaping numerous successes that are present in our past and present, in the history of our cinema.

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