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Jarabo, the murderer who terrorized Spain

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José María Jarabo Pérez-Morris, better known as “Jarabo”, was one of the murderers who had most impact in the media during the 1950s, because of his cruelty and cold blood, as for the controversy and debate generated within the public opinion.

Enrique Cerezo Cinematographic Productions is currently working on bringing this part of Spain’s history to the big screens, a story that shocked and managed to terrorize the society at the mid of the last century.

Madrid woke up one morning in 1958 with the petrifying news of four terrible murders in the area of El Retiro park, three of them in the same home, another in a pawn shop near the house.



Jarabo had that sophisticated, elegant, captivating and intoxicating look, like a real gentleman, an image that was disfigured at nightfall. He used his skills to embellish any woman, but his addiction to alcohol and his mismanagement of his funds, reflected his coldness and darkness.

He came from a good family, studied at Colegio del Pilar in Madrid, although, he definitively abandoned academic activity at the age of 17. He was spoiled by his mother, with no other pretension in life than his own personal enjoyment, coming to spend 15 million pesetas in two years (Year 1950).

He lived in Madrid, Puerto Rico, New York … through the monthly allowance money he received from his mother. He lived a crazy night life of drugs, prostitution, affairs, brawls and even jail, where he was imprisoned for 4 years for pornography and drug trafficking (New York).



Beryl Marin Jones, an English tourist entered Jarabo’s life. Together, they initiated a passionate relationship, more intense and deeper than normal, also impregnated by the nocturnal waste and frenzy that were the hallmark of Jarabo’s life.

But the money was running out and he had to go on with his smuggling business. They urgently sought the most feasible solution, which was to pawn one of Beryl’s jewels, the gold solitaire that served to pay the cocaine administered by Jarabo.

Beryl’s husband, worried about her situation, came to fetch her and took her back to Lyon. She left Jarabo but didn’t cease to have relations with him, they continued by correspondence.

The damn


After Beryl’s request to recuperate her ring, Jarabo who had already forgotten about it, went to the pawnshop. He didn’t have the money, he returned but there was no agreement. The lenders wanted to take advantage of the situation.

Every time he showed up at the store, conditions changed, which meant a turning point in this whole story. Jarabo was becoming more and more furious, but he chose in a cool and calculating manner to get the precious ring at any cost.

Premeditated but improvised

Jarabo entered the lender’s house, Emilio, demanding what was his. Any other person would have committed a crime of passion, but Jarabo had everything under control. He pretended to leave the house, but he silently returned to the bathroom. He took Emilio’s life with a point-blank shot at the back of his neck.

The maid began to scream, alarmed and frightened by the resounding noise of the firearm. Jarabo found the solution amongst the kitchen utensils: one of the knives pierced the poor woman’s heart, leaving her body inert and bleeding to death.

The third victim was Maria, Emilio’s wife. With great eagerness, Jarabo presented himself as a tax inspector, radically changing his personality and the events that had taken place, to succeed. She didn’t take long in discovering the body of her husband, so Jarabo had to sentence her with a shot at a close distance.



Despite all the effort to recover the jewel, he couldn’t find it in Emilio’s house. With the store keys in his possession, he headed to wait for Emilio’s other partner. Justice was about to take place, two shots penetrated the back of Felix’s neck as soon as he opened the door of the business.

He took his suit impregnated with the blood of his victims to a dry cleaner, excusing himself by having taken part in a bad fight in a cabaret. Inevitably, the employees did not hesitate to contact the police, knowing the four-fold crimes that had already appeared in the media.

The police didn’t take long to find Jarabo, who did not resist. Despite showing some repentance over the murder of the two women, the justice authority had no doubt in requesting four death sentences.

Jarabo would finally be executed with the garrotte (Spanish method of execution by strangulation or by breaking the neck) on July 4, 1959.

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